Nike unveils new men’s sneakers online for women

NKE FOOTWEAR WEBSITE – 4:02 PM ET Friday, November 29, 2019 Nike, Inc. (NYSE: NKE) announced that it has released a new pair of women’s footwear featuring women’s features, including a stretch-knit sole and a soft-touch fabric inside the foot.

The shoe is the first in a series of footwear that Nike is introducing for women that will be available online and at select Nike retailers starting Friday, Nov. 30.

“With the launch of the Nike Flyknit and Flyknit X in the fall of 2018, we’re seeing a tremendous shift in the way that women dress and how they wear their shoes,” said Kevin Harris, VP, Women and Sports, Nike North America.

“The new Nike Flyline, Flyknit, and Flylite models in the new Nike Air Foamposite, Air Flyknit 2, Air Foam, and Air Flylite 3 will deliver a modern take on women’s style.”

The new Nike women’s shoes include the Nike Air Flyline 3 in a black, gray, and white colorway.

The Nike Flycore 3 is a soft and comfortable leather upper with a reinforced toe box.

The Flycore has a stretchy, mesh outsole for extra comfort and traction.

Nike said the Nike Fleece Flyline 4 will be released in two versions.

The first version will have a slightly wider toe box and will be made with a softer, yet durable, leather, while the second version will be a slim and flexible sole that is made of durable EVA.

Nike Air Fleeces Flyline X and Flycore X are both available for $199.99 and $219.99.

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Nike has also announced the introduction of a new women’s pair of sneakers.

The new sneaker features a classic-inspired silhouette with a mesh upper.

The mesh upper is reinforced with EVA foam, a lightweight yet durable material that is used to create durable, flexible, and stretchy athletic sneakers.

It features a Nike Airknit sole in a white color and a mesh sole in black and gray.

The Air Fletch is available in three colorways: grey, navy blue, and black.

The Foam Flyline 2 is available for a limited time at select retailers.

The shoes will be on sale Friday, Dec. 1.

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