Which is better for the female footwear brand?

Flip Flop Footwear is launching a new line of female footwear that looks like flip flops.

The new line is based on the “sassy and playful” image of the brand, which features colorful prints on its soles and heel, a flapper silhouette, and a black lace-up skirt.

The shoe is available in a variety of styles ranging from the classic to the flapper, and is priced at $180 on Flip Flops.

In addition to the footwear, the brand is also launching a line of women’s accessories, like a handbag that features a female-friendly silhouette.

“I’ve been a feminist for most of my life and always have been,” Flip Floop founder and CEO Nicole Sainte-Marie said in a statement.

“And I’m excited to share my brand with the world and bring a new and exciting level of female empowerment to the world.”

Sainse-Marie’s mother, who lives in New York City, is a lifelong feminist and has a history of advocating for women’s rights.

“The women I’ve been with have always been the ones who have fought for things that I have fought so hard for,” she told the Daily Beast.

“This brand is very much about me being the champion of feminism and my daughters wanting to be champions of equality.”