Why the Zebra footwear empire is exploding with new brands

Zebra Footwear AG, the maker of Zebra shoes, is now expanding into the shoes market with new lines of Zebes, according to new reports.

The shoe company is reportedly expanding its footwear brand to include a new line of “premium footwear” designed specifically for women.

The new Zebed shoe is reportedly based on Zebra’s iconic “Birds Eye” silhouette.

The Zebra brand was launched in 1985, and the shoes were created by the British company Zebra.

According to the report, the new Zebra shoe line will be released next month.

“The new line will also be designed to appeal to women, who will benefit from a new shoe silhouette that has a contemporary appeal, as well as features that complement the classic Zebra design,” the report states.

“A number of the new styles will feature Zebra logo logos on the back of the shoe and on the shoe’s tongue.”

“In addition to the Zebered shoes, Zebra is developing a line of footwear for women that features Zebra logos on a range of products.”

The Zebers shoes were first launched in 2015.

The brand’s new Zedro line includes a number of new shoes, including a new Zered shoe, a Zebra boot and Zebra trousers.

The shoes are priced between $350 and $450.

In August, Zebestake CEO Michael Zebecke announced the company had raised $3 million from Zebra Capital, which included $500,000 from Zebebes parent company Zeber.

Zebra has not yet announced a name for the new shoe.

The company’s new shoe line is set to launch in mid-November, and Zebefare will have the first look at the new shoes in person at the Zefare Summer 2017 show in Las Vegas.