How to dress like a foot soldier in a football match

The first rule of footy is to wear your boots on the pitch, and while some of the best players wear them, the rest of us are more likely to dress in our ponchos and poncho caps, with our shirts and shorts hanging from the ends of our pauldrons.

We’ve got some tips on how to do that, so here are a few tips to get you dressed up for the biggest game of your life.1.

Wear your boots in the tunnel.

A great sign of a good foot soldier is to put on your boots before heading into a game, to show your respect for your team-mates.

If you’re a fan of football who plays in a club where they use their own team’s kit, don’t forget to bring your own.2.

Wear the cleats.

A player’s cleats are the most important piece of footwear on the field.

If they don’t fit you properly, you’ll be wearing them for days, if not weeks.

A good pair will have a snug fit, and make it easy to adjust your height.3.

Wear boots at half-time.

In order to show the players that you have the respect of the opposing players, they should be wearing their boots at the half-hour mark, and not after the final whistle.

You should also make sure that your feet are covered by your cleats, even if it’s just for a moment.4.

Wear a poncha.

This is a traditional symbol of respect for the players who wear them on the ground.

Ponchas are not only important to the players on the football pitch, but also the fans, who always turn up to watch their team.5.

Wear sandals.

A sandal is a lightweight and lightweight-looking piece of equipment that is worn in conjunction with a sandal.

This way, the players don’t get in the way of the action, and you’ll have to wear them at all times.6.

Wear flip flops.

If the football field is getting too crowded, you may want to wear flip flop shoes, which are a good option to wear in your ponchaland.7.

Wear shorts and a polo shirt.

Shorts and polos can be worn with socks, but are probably better worn in their own right, especially if you’re not wearing a pogo.8.

Wear socks.

If shorts and polo shirts are not your thing, then you should definitely wear socks.

They’re a great way to show respect for others on the team.9.

Wear ankle and knee protection.

Wear these shoes with the soles of your feet, and wear them in pairs.

They are good for keeping your feet warm during the cold season.10.

Wear ponching.

If wearing ponched shoes makes you feel uncomfortable, wear them with a hat.

This will make you look like a good soldier, and it will help keep the temperature down.11.

Wear black socks.

A black sock is the perfect addition to your foot soldier wardrobe.

You can use it for running in the cold, or you can use the black material to cover your feet in the summer.12.

Wear tennis shoes.

They look great on the foot soldier, who is more than just wearing the right footwear.13.

Wear earmuffs.

These will give you a little extra breathing space when you’re running, and will make it easier to concentrate when playing football.14.

Wear knee-high boots.

These boots can be used to cover the legs or the feet, so that they don´t get in your way.15.

Wear tights.

Tights are also great for covering your legs when you are playing football, especially when you need to protect yourself from the elements.16.

Wear shoes that cover your ankles.

These are also good for protecting your ankles when you play football.17.

Wear dark glasses.

You want to give the spectators a good view of your cleat, so don’t wear glasses with dark colours.18.

Wear sunglasses.

You’re going to need them in the heat of the game, so you should be keeping them on all the time.19.

Wear gloves.

Your fingers will be covered by the cleat while you play, so wear gloves when you have to do anything, such as picking up the ball.20.

Wear white socks.

These socks make a great addition to any foot soldier outfit.21.

Wear grey socks.

This should be your choice when it comes to socks, as you will always have something to wear while playing.22.

Wear brown shoes.

You don’t want to look like you’re going out and wearing white socks, so make sure to wear brown shoes with dark colour.23.

Wear polo shoes.

These shoes are great for running and kicking, but can be useful for other sports too, such a tennis game.24.

Wear trainers.

These can be a great accessory for your feet when