New research shows why some of our most popular footwares don’t stay on top of our feet

Posted April 01, 2019 12:33:08Research from the University of Bristol has found that the majority of the footwear brands we buy are not actually designed to last us for long.

“There is no need for us to think of shoes as ‘living’, ‘poring’, ‘wetting’ or ‘cleaning’ them,” Dr Tim Woodruff from the university’s School of Business told Medical News Daily.

“The best shoes last the longest, even though the inside is constantly changing.”

We are told they are waterproof and are ‘super soft’, but this is often only a lie.””

There are also claims that they are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-corrosive.

“These claims are misleading.

They can make a shoe that is designed to stay on your feet smell worse than if you had not worn it.”

The research, published in the journal Health Technology and Medicine, examined the longevity of over 200 shoes, footwear brands and other products.

“As shoes become more and more popular, we find that many of these brands are not even designed to be worn for a long time,” Dr Woodruff said.

“It is clear that they do not last long and we need to start thinking about how we can keep them as the mainstay of our wardrobe.”

The shoes examined were: Nike Flyknit , Nike Flyknit II, Nike Zoom, Nike Dunk and the Nike Air Foamposite.

“Nike Air Foamosite is the most popular of the three,” Dr Todd Kwan from the research team told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

“It’s a lightweight sneaker that’s great for warm weather and for going for a run.”

In winter, it can be good for walking.

“Dr Woodruff, who is also a research fellow at the University, said that while some of the shoes did not last very long, there was “a strong correlation” between the length of the lifespan of the shoe and the price.”

They do seem to have the longest life of the ones we tested,” Dr Kwan said. 

The researchers also examined a range of footwear, including high-end shoes, high-price sneakers and casual footwear.”

If you look at the manufacturing costs, it really makes a difference.””

For example, many of the Nike Zoom shoes are made in China and China is one of the biggest producers of high-performance sneakers.”

If you look at the manufacturing costs, it really makes a difference.

“But there’s another factor too.”

The researchers said that even after looking at a wide range of shoes, some of which were made in multiple countries, they found that “some shoes are really good and some are not so good”.

“It appears that some of these shoes can actually last a long, long time.”

Dr Kwan also said that the best shoes could be improved.

“For some people, they may think they’re going to want a particular pair of shoes for a specific time, but in reality it’s a bit of a gamble, because you need to know the manufacturer to really know what’s in them,” he said.

“But for others it’s not such a big gamble.”

“It might be worth looking at different types of shoes and making the best choice for them, for example, a pair of Air Foams that are going to be more comfortable to wear and will last longer.”

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