Why the Magic Footwear Lagos Magic Boots have been called the best footwear in the world

The Magic Boots of Lagos, the first and most expensive footwear in Africa, have been given the stamp of approval from the world’s best experts.

The boots are designed to fit like traditional footwear but with some added features to keep you dry and cool.

The footwear was unveiled by Mr Andrew MacGregor, Lagos’ Minister of Tourism and Culture, at the unveiling of the new Lagos city hall, located in Lagos City, on Sunday.

The shoe’s name is a play on the words of a song, the Lagos Song of the Mountains.

“I don’t know how many of you guys have heard this, but we have the best magic boots in the whole world,” Mr MacGregion said, according to the Associated Press news agency.

“And we know it’s because they’re made of bamboo.”

The footwear, which costs between US$5,000 and US$10,000 ($5,300 to $8,200), were designed to be worn with boots.

The shoes were designed in partnership between the Lagas National Tourism Organization and Mr MacGoro’s Ministry of Tourism.

“These boots are made from bamboo and are made to withstand the elements,” Mr McGregion told reporters, according the AP.

“They can withstand the sun, rain, cold and heat.”

The shoes have already been widely praised by the public and by the Lagomar Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation which works to protect the environment.

“This is the best quality footwear in Lagom,” said Mr Mac Gregion.

“The Lagos magic boots have won the international award for best footwear of the year and the best in Africa.”

“The world is going crazy with praise for these boots.

This is a great example of the international spirit of tourism, the international commitment of tourism and the love for the country of Lagom.”

“It is amazing what the public can do for a shoe that has a price tag of US$25,000,” said the foundation’s CEO, Kebla Mbumbu.

“It’s incredible to think we are able to give people the opportunity to wear these boots and not have to ask anyone to pay for them.”

The Lagos National Tourism Office has launched a campaign to promote the shoes, and Mr Mbumbut said the footwear had been a hit in the city.

“We’ve seen the popularity of the boots,” he said.

“Now we want to give the same opportunity to people.”

“They are very stylish and we are thrilled that they are being given the recognition that they deserve,” Mr Mbubu said.

Lagos has been plagued by floods, drought and floods since 2007, with many areas in the coastal region of the country facing severe flooding.

The new Lagom city hall was opened on Saturday, with more than 30,000 people expected to attend the event.

“You can see how it feels to be able to have a warm, dry place to live, where you can see the sunrise and sunset, in a city like Lagos,” Mr McGowan said.