Why the ‘lifestyle’ of the footwear wearer matters

JALANDHAR: The sole is the most important part of a shoe, says Dr Ashok Jha, a footwear expert and professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

“When you wear shoes, it has to fit properly.

Otherwise you will get lumps.

You need to keep your foot firmly planted in the ground, not on the toes.”

This is not something that you have to do at home and the only way to ensure proper footwear is to wear a footbag, says Jha.

“Most people have a foot bag on their person, which they use for walking and cycling, and this helps keep them warm.

The shoes also help you keep your balance, so you do not fall down.”

What is a sole?

The word sole comes from the Latin word solitare meaning to stand on one’s toes.

A sole is made of a combination of leather and rubber, so it’s made to allow the sole to stay in place when walking.

The sole is worn under shoes and shoes without shoes, or at the feet.

This is where the most people get laces, ankle bracelets and bracelets with rubber straps and clips.

“A sole is a bit like a foot, but it has two parts.

The front part of the sole, called the sole pad, is made up of rubber and rubber-like material that’s placed at the front of the shoe,” says Jena.

“The second part of that is called the heel pad, which is made out of a material called vulcanite.

This material is much thinner and is also used to make rubber straps, which are often made of vulcanitic materials.

It’s a very tough material.

You can actually see that it’s really tough.”

If you want to know what to wear in your shoes, here are some tips for the best footwear for men and women.

“You need to have the right kind of shoe for your foot, says Jawahal Jha of Jawahaldan University.”

Most people wear shoes that are made for running, cycling and swimming.

You should also wear shoes for walking, cycling, swimming and swimming shoes.

“Men can go for 15-20 km on their treadmill without shoes.””

You should be able to walk up to 20 km on a treadmill without wearing shoes,” says Jawaharaj.

“Men can go for 15-20 km on their treadmill without shoes.”

The best shoes for men are shoes with a good tread pattern, like the Xolo 1 and the X2, which have a low heel and heel joint.

“These shoes are great for women because they have a lower heel and a wider toe area,” says Ashok.

“These shoes also have a nice cushioning material to help them keep their feet firmly planted on the ground.”

Women should also try the best-selling women’s shoes.

For men, the best shoes are shoes that have a good toe-to-toe fit. “

They are designed to fit and are very comfortable.”

For men, the best shoes are shoes that have a good toe-to-toe fit.

“If you are trying to do some sports and want to look good in them, a pair with a nice toe-toe shape is the way to go,” says Kishore.

“Women should avoid shoes that come in the toe-out shape.”

For boots, it is best to wear boots with a solid, low heel, like a boot with a low sole.

“A boot with the best foot shape is a Vibrus.”””

For men’s shoes, I think the best option is the Vibrams,” says Pradeep.

“A boot with the best foot shape is a Vibrus.”

“I like the Viberras because they are really comfortable, comfortable to walk in and have great traction.

They also have low heels and are designed for a high heel,” says Suresh.

For women, I would suggest the Yama Kano, which has the perfect toe-in and toe out shape.

“I would definitely recommend the Yoma Kano for women.

The shoe has a good heel and toe shape, but the sole is really low and the sole also has rubber to keep it from slipping,” says Yama.

For men with narrow feet, there are two types of shoes that work for him: shoes that fit perfectly and shoes that don’t.

“There are some men that prefer to wear shoes with very low heels because they prefer a very high sole and they prefer the stability of these shoes,” explains Dr Ashoks Jawahar.

“Another reason is because they want to be able for