What to know about the zebra feet agra scandal

The head of the zouaves, who are believed to be the first Zimbabwean zebra to be granted citizenship, has been arrested and charged with embezzlement.

Zouaves are a race of animals who have been the subject of a campaign by the Zimbabwean government to make them less valuable.

The head of Zouaves National Park, the national animal welfare agency, has also been arrested for his role in a fraud scheme to defraud investors in a wildlife park, according to the BBC.

According to a statement from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF), the head of Zambezi Wildlife Conservancy, Mpulele Ghiadze, was arrested and taken to police station on Monday.

“The ZCTF is deeply concerned about the arrest of Mpuleshe Ghiade in connection with the alleged embezzle scheme involving Zambezis Wildlife Park,” the statement read.

“Mpulere Ghiades arrest is being taken very seriously by the ZCTFs (Zimbabwe Conservation Task Forces) as we continue our investigation into this matter.”

It is also our hope that the investigation will provide evidence that will assist us in the prosecution of Mvulere’s arrest.

“The ZCTF said in a statement that the charges against Ghiads arrest are “suspected of embezing public funds”.

It said the Zimbabwe Parks Authority (ZPA) is the lead investigating agency.ZCTF spokesperson Tarek Mazen said: “Zimbabweans deserve the best of governance, not corrupt politicians.

The ZCFT has been in contact with ZCFF authorities, and will be providing further information as and when it becomes available.