The #2 shoes on the market today? #FootWearsOnline

We recently had the opportunity to interview Jordan and Chris from #FootwearsOnline to get their take on the new Nike footwear, and the two are now ready to go on the offensive.

Chris and Jordan are both super proud of the new shoes they’ve received.

“I was a big fan of #1 and the new #2 #Footwear, and I was super stoked that I received my first pair,” Chris said.

“The best part is that I actually got to wear the new one during our shoot.

I was so excited!

We had a lot of fun putting the new shoe on.”

It’s also great to hear that the new version of #Footware has been very popular with women.

“It’s been a big hit with the women, and we’ve seen a lot more of it,” Chris told us.

“So we’re pretty stoked about that.”

And now we have a new shoe in the pipeline that will definitely be on their radar.

We’re stoked that the two of them are working hard on their new sneaker, and if you have a pair of #BikeSneakers that you’d like to see them share with us, let us know in the comments!