The latest trends in women’s casual footwear

The latest trend in women, fashion and footwear is women’s dress shoes, a trend that has been gaining steam in recent years.

Here’s what’s trending.

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The trend started when a pair of fashionable, slim, high-quality shoes was featured on a fashion show in 2015.

The shoe, designed by New York-based brand Posh Boots, was one of the first of its kind, and was a hit with young people, according to the website

The pair was created with leather and suede for a unique look.

The shoe has now sold out and Posh has since launched a range of new shoes in its classic silhouette, which have also become hugely popular.

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“When I first saw the Posh shoe, I was just really excited to see it on the runway,” Posh co-founder Emily Foskett said.

“It was just a fantastic design that had so much potential.”

The shoe was designed with the comfort and comfortability of women in mind, and it was created by Posh to appeal to the new generation of women, who were getting into fashion, she said.

“When we started, we wanted to create a shoe that was comfortable for women of all ages and sizes.”

The shoe looks beautiful in person, but you can also wear it on your foot or dress it up and it makes a statement,” Ms Fosky said.

The Posh Shoes range was created in partnership with the British shoe and fashion brand Stella McCartney, who will also launch a range called Stella McCartney Fashion Footwear in the next two weeks.

The brand, which also created the Puff shoe, is looking to expand the range in the future, and the next step will be a women’s line in the UK.”

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