FourFour Two: Latest Timberland Footwear Industry to Launch on January 1

FourFour two: Latest timberland footwear industry to launch on January 2, with a selection of brands to debut, including krishna footwear.

FourFourTwo 1.4.18, released in September, included a few new footwear brands for 2018 including karyanti, an Indian footwear brand, and the new Footwear Factory.

Footwear Factory, the new footwear brand of the Footwear factory in Bangalore, India, announced a collaboration with Nubian, the first footwear brand in the region to launch in India.

“This partnership was a natural fit for the Footwares factory as we have always been working on footwear,” said Footware Factory managing director Srinivasa Rao.

“We are looking forward to working with the new brand as we strive to bring a new level of innovation to our footwear business.”

Krishna was the first Indian brand to launch globally in 2016.

The company’s first footwear release, the Kishore, was introduced at the India International Fashion Week in New York, and its first branded footwear release in 2019, the Sriswati, was launched in New Delhi.

It also announced an India-specific collaboration with Sriswan, the largest footwear manufacturer in India, earlier this year.

Other footwear brands that announced collaborations include Vemu, a new footwear startup in the footwear space, and Gait, a brand that creates and sells shoes in India’s rural communities.