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A new trend is gaining popularity among women, and they are selling their footwear for a premium.

Footwear for Sale on eBay is a popular online auction site, where sellers sell shoes and other items that are made to look fashionable, or stylish, with a distinctive style.

The site is also used by fashion bloggers, fashion experts and fashion retailers to advertise and sell their wares.

“We are seeing a huge growth in footwear and it’s a really cool trend, and you can find a lot of cool styles for women,” said Katey B. Johnson, a fashion and beauty blogger who operates the footwear blog

“Women tend to have a preference for a more casual style, and a lot more modern look is being embraced by women.”

Women have been wearing sneakers for years, but now we’re seeing more women wearing dresses and heels and men are looking at a more dressy, more contemporary look.

“While the demand for high-end footwear is on the rise, there are still plenty of women who still prefer the more casual styles of the fashion world.”

I love a great dress and I love a good pair of boots and I think if you’re a girl in a good dress and a nice pair of shoes and you have that kind of look, I’m all for it,” said Lauren B. Hester, a business consultant who owns a small shoe store in Seattle.”

When I was growing up, my mom wore heels, but they were a little too tight for me and I would wear flip-flops or skirts or heels,” she said.

They’re not my shoes,” she explained. “

I don’t care what people think of my shoes.

They’re not my shoes,” she explained.

“It’s a fashion statement, so I’m not wearing heels just to look stylish, I’ve got shoes that I wear all the time.”

But some women are taking a more contemporary approach to their footwear.

“The thing about high heels is that they’re not heels.

They are actually extensions of your body.

So you wear them and you move around a lot and you don’t have to wear a lot,” said Krista E. Krumhans, a marketing consultant who specializes in online fashion.

“If you don, then you just can’t have enough high heels.”

KrumhANS has been selling her shoes online for years.

She says it’s easy to get people to buy your shoes online, because there are so many of them out there.

“You don’t need to go out and spend a lot to get a good selection of high heels,” Krumhs said.

Krumhs says she also enjoys buying designer shoes.

“There’s so many different brands out there,” she added.

“There are so few good options.

It’s so much easier to find a great selection.”

But Krumhes also wants to help women find shoes that are a little more affordable.

“If you want to look trendy, you want a great pair of sneakers,” she says.

“But I think we’re missing out on a lot when we don’t see a lot in the high-priced shoe market.”

Krums is also a fashion blogger, and she’s happy to share her expertise with women who want to shop her shoes.

“One thing I love about writing about fashion is that I get to meet people who are fashionistas, and so that’s really valuable to me,” she continued.

“And so I think it’s really important to share my expertise with other people, to show that I’m here to help, not just to sell a few shoes.

I just think it is a great way to show your confidence.”

Kumras shoes are available online for $70.