What’s new in Adobe’s Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CS7 plugins

The latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Pro have been updated to include a new “High-Performance” mode, which is meant to be a more “active” experience than the “non-high-performance” mode which was introduced with the last major release of Photoshop CS.

Adobe says that “High Performance” mode can help with image processing and editing while also providing better rendering performance for images with more complex geometry and textures.

“In the non-high performance mode, the images are rendered at higher pixel density, but they also perform slower, because the GPU is more focused on rendering the image,” the company writes.

Adobe has also improved the overall performance of the new “Advanced” mode.

In the Advanced mode, Adobe has “reduced the amount of GPU processing to reduce the number of frames rendered per second.”

“This means that the image can be more quickly displayed, and in some cases, even the image itself can be displayed more quickly.

This is particularly important for large-scale images, which require more processing power and can be rendered faster than the smaller image,” Adobe writes.

The new mode is still not available for download, but Adobe’s blog post indicates that it will be coming to all users soon.