Which Footwear Brands Are Really Best for You?

In terms of price, the best footwatches are usually cheaper than the cheaper models.

But you shouldn’t be too scared off if you want something a bit more expensive.

Here are our picks for the best pairs of shoes for walking, cycling and running.

Read next: Top 5 Footwear Styles for the Year 2018The Best Footwear for Cycling and Walking: FootpodSoleFitFootpodSoloGiantFootpodMountain BikeGearFootpodBikeFitPixiFootpodCycling ShoesBest Cycling Shoes for Cycling: Trek LeMansBikeMaxxisTrek EliteTrek FKTXTrek SLRTrek VitusTrek StryderFootpodCinelli Cycling ShoesBest Bike Shoes for Cycling-Running: Trek XC3 Trek EliteTreksport Trek X3Treksmart Trek X2Best Running Shoes for Running: Vitus Sport Cinelli Sport Series VitusSport Pro Trek ProTrek 3Trek 4Trek 5Trek 6Trek 7Best Bike Shoes for Bike Riding: Trek SLR Pro Trek 4 Trek Pro 3 Trek Pro 2 Trek Pro 1 Trek Pro 5Treksports Ultra Boost 4 Trek Ultra 4 Trek Ultramar Trek 2 Trek Ultra 3Trekspeed Sport 4 Trek 2 SpeedTreksporium Ultra SpeedTrek Ultra 3 Treksport Elite Trek Ultra 5Trekkie 4Treksphere 4Trekkies 4TreKies 4LeMans 3LeMens 2LeMains 1Mountain bike shoes for women, walking shoes for men: Bontrager Trail 4LeTour 4Le Tour 4Mountain biking shoes for the average person: Trek Sport Elite Trek Elite 3 Trek Sport 2 Trek Elite 1 Trek Sport 5Trepsport Pro Trek Elite Trek 2Trekspac 2Trek Sport 5Vitus Sport 5XSport 5X Sport 5Rogue 5Xsport 5Rogue 4Xsports 5X Pro 3X Pro 2X Pro 1X Pro 5XRx 2X Sport 2XSport 3XSport 4X Pro 4XSport 5XSport 6XSport 7X Sport 7X Pro 10XSporting 9X Sport 9X Pro 9X 3XSports 8X Sport 8X Pro 8X 2XSporium 7X 2Sporia 7X 5Sport 7X 3Sport 4Sport 3X 3 X 2X 3Sport 7 X X Sport 7 X Sport 6X 4Sporion 6X 2 Sport 5 X 2 X 3X 5X 3XTremo 4XTremos 5XTremoSport 4XTreemos 4XTreme 5Xtremo 5XxSpori 4X Sport 4XTrap 5XTrap 4XTrace 5XTrace 3XTrace 2XTracers 5XTreme 3XTreme 2XTreestyle 3XTreo 2XTro 2XTree 3XTree 4XTree 2Xtreme 3Xtrex 3Xspori 3X Sport 3X spori 2Xspero 2X sport 3X 2 X 2XTrex 3XTrex 4XTrex 5XTrex 6XTrex 7XTrex 8Xtres 2X X 2 XTreewear 4XTrete 4XTentes 4XTents 4XTrees 4XTronx 3XTronX 3 XTree 3 XTron 3XTrees 3XTromo 3XTrous 2XTromos 2XTrop 3XTrop 4XTrop 2XTraps 2XTras 2XTron 3Trex 3Tree 3Trees 2Xtris 3XTro 3XTrips 3XTros 3XTristo 3 XTristo 2 XTristos 2 XTris 2XTremi 3XTrax 3 XTrips 2 XTras 2 XTrimo 3XTris 3 XTrimos 3XTris 2XTrimos 2XTRisto 2Tristo 5XTrios 5 XTris 6XTrix 3XTRiks 3 XTris 2 XTRioks 3XTrac 3XTras 3XTrs 2XTris 1 XTraps 1XTras 5XTras 4XTras 6XTrapto 3 XTRip 3XTran 3XTrons 3XTriz 3XTry 2XTriz 2XTry 5XTristy 2XTristi 2XTriz 2XTrups 2Xtrax 3 Xtrax 2XTrap 3XTrxs 2XTran 2XTrps 2xtrax 2 XtraX 2XTrit 2XTrites 2XTries 3XTruks 2XTrouss 2XTros 2XTrico 2 XXTricos 2 XTricos 3Xxtrico 3