Why the IDF’s soldiers wear leather boots

Travel footwear is the latest trend to be heralded as the answer to the weariness of soldiers in the midst of combat, as more than half of IDF troops are reportedly wearing the boots.

The military said Thursday that 1,200 soldiers had worn them in the first half of the year, bringing the total to 2,300.

The soldiers are in a group that is undergoing extensive training, the IDF said.

Some have worn the boots since they were first issued in the spring.

The soldiers wear them during their deployments as part of the IDF “bootcamp” for soldiers, training in how to operate combat-proven equipment.

The IDF said it was the first time the soldiers wore boots during combat since it began using them.

The soldier who first wore them in May was in the army’s combat unit in the southern Gaza Strip.

Soldiers were in a special unit, the special force, that is in charge of protecting troops during military operations and on the front lines, said Col. Yoav Mordechai, a spokesman for the command in charge.

The unit is made up of IDF soldiers, reservists, and police officers.

The army said the boots are meant to prevent fractures, which it said could be caused by the shock of combat.

The boots are also designed to provide protection from sand and mud.

The boots are used to help soldiers deal with the psychological impact of combat that is common among soldiers.

The IDF said in 2016, during a battle with Hamas in Gaza, soldiers used sandbags to protect themselves from the heat and mud that was falling.