How Nike and Timberland are building a ‘global’ footwear brand for the 21st century

Nike and its Timberland footwear subsidiary are building their global footwear brand around two of the world’s most iconic brands, Timberland and Nike.

It comes as the brands continue to evolve and expand their partnerships.

Nikes latest footwear range is designed for a global audience and it has been a long time coming for Nike and Nike Footwear.

Nike, Timberlands and Timberlands footwear has been around for more than 40 years and has evolved over the years as consumers have come to expect and demand more functionality in their footwear.

In addition to the Nike Footwear, Timberlander and Timberlander footwear line, Nike is also in the process of building a range of shoes for the Timberland platform.

The new Nike Timberland collection is designed to be a global brand.

This new collection is the latest in the brand’s evolution.

Timberland has evolved from a low-end shoe to a high-end brand.

They’ve also created a range that’s meant to appeal to all types of buyers.

It has been the evolution of footwear over the last four years, with the footwear line growing from $10 shoes in 2006 to $100 shoes in 2013.

Now, Nike and the Timberlands brand are continuing to evolve the range to meet their consumers needs and wants.

The new Timberland range includes three footwear collections, all made for a wider audience, all featuring the same core design, and all designed with the same purpose.

The Timberland Collection has been designed with a focus on providing a versatile platform to appeal both men and women.

It is designed with both comfort and functionality in mind.

“We’ve always tried to offer footwear that is functional, but also comfortable,” said Nike chief creative officer Steve Tufnell in a statement.

Tufnell added that the Timberlander collection was designed to offer the same level of comfort and mobility that the Nike Timberlands footwear had been designed for.

“The Timberlands range includes some of the most recognizable names in the world, but the Timbermans range is also very accessible for women, as well as men, who want a range to take them where they want to go,” he said.

Timberlands footwear collection has been updated since 2013 and is available in men’s and women’s sizes.