Nike unveils the next-generation of shoes for men and women

Nike Inc. is offering a range of new shoes online that will be sold at its flagship store in New York.

The shoe line will include two styles, an athletic model, and an active style, which has a rubber sole and a built-in breathable membrane that is waterproof.

The new models include the Nike Air Max 1, Nike AirMax 1.5, Nike Zoom Zoom 1, and Nike Zoom Air 1.

The Air Max1 is a low-profile shoe that sports a full-length upper and is available in a wide variety of colors.

The sneaker is available now in stores, but will be available later this summer for the first time online.

The next-gen models will be launched in August, Nike said in a statement on Monday.

“Nike is excited to continue bringing the iconic Nike Air to life with the launch of the next generation of Air Max sneakers, and we are excited to partner with a number of Nike retailers to make the new models available to shoppers online.”

The sneakers will have more space inside the shoe than in previous versions of the Air.

The sneaker will feature the same design language as the current models and will be made of NMD leather, the company said.

Nike has yet to reveal pricing, but a new Air Max X retail price of $180 was confirmed in an October report by Footwear Insider.

The current Nike Air models retail for $299.99.