How to wear spring boots for men

The spring boots have been a favourite of the male-dominated workforce in recent years.

Now they’re getting a little more attention from the public.

The brand is making a change with its men’s spring footwear.

Now the footwear is made from rubber and can be worn over the top of a suit.

The footwear, called The Boots, will launch in stores in January.

They will have three different styles, ranging from men’s boots to women’s boots. 

The boots will be made by US company Todashev. 

“The first is an everyday look, with a look that is comfortable and versatile,” the company said in a statement.

“The second is for a more formal evening or for the most formal occasion.”

It comes after an increasing number of men wearing shoes with a traditional design. 

Last year, men’s shoe brand Uniqlo said it was adding a “man-style” to its spring footwear range. 

Its men’s shoes include men’s polo and a leatherman. 

But, the trend has been growing in recent weeks.

A woman was recently photographed wearing a pair of boots and trousers from the brand. 

And a man in a black suit was seen wearing the boots and jeans in a photo posted on Instagram last week.

The latest release of the footwear comes a year after the company unveiled a new style of its men boots.